Sets Needed

Base Set
Base 5/6 Player
Seafarers 5/6 Player

Recommended for
5 to 6 players

Game Instructions
  • Victory: 10 Victory Points
  • Rules: No Additional Rules
  • Note: Though the frame is only a basic 5-6 player board, the extra sets are to get enough ore hexes.

Tolkien fans, rejoice! Middle Earth has met Catan... just not officially!!

So a while back we photoshopped an absurdly large “Settlers of Middle Earth” map (see below), that was just for kicks and completely unfeasible to play.

But what would it look like if we just took a subsection of Middle Earth that fit a regularly sized 5-6 player Catan board? Rohan and Gondor was a good pick because of the mountain ranges to make it somewhat distinguishable.

Credit: Fan map by Preston of Catan Maps. Render by Jasper.


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