Catan News

An Update on my Collection

Well it is now 2020 and my collection has grown significantly in the past few years.

So much so that I admit that even this website is out of date and I need to take some time to sit and photograph all the missing items that are on my shelves but not in my database.

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Windmills of Catan - another fan made extension

Below is the text from a cool little scenario I found in a box of old Catan bits from the Netherlands. Given the English used and the use of windmills to reclaim land I think it is safe to assume it was a Dutch Catan fan who created this. Rather than rewrite the rules I have kept them exactly as the creator originally typed them. They can still be understood and it also recognises the efforts of the unknown creator who put this together. Here goes.

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Unofficial Hexes by Kevin Nafziger

I recently found a set of Hex varients designed by Kevin Nafziger. I do not know who this is or when the hexes were created, but I thought I would share them here for others to read.

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