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To use this variant you will need something to represent “Discovery Tokens” (the Catan chits from Seafarers work perfectly).

The Jungle hex does not produce Resources Cards, but rather these Discovery Tokens. Whenever the number on a Jungle tile is rolled, each settlement adjacent to it produces one Discovery Token for its owner. A city produces two Discovery Tokens.

Using Discovery Tokens:
You use Discovery Tokens to purchase Development Cards. Each Discovery Token can be used to replace any one of the three resources needed to purchase a card. Up to three Discovery Tokens may be used on each card purchase. Any combination of Discovery Tokens and the three normal resources may be used. For Example: a player may purchase a Development Card with one Ore and two Discovery Tokens. Similarly, a Discovery Card could be purchased with one wool, one grain, and one Discovery Token

Additional Rules:
Discovery Tokens are not cards and are not counted toward your hand when a 7 is rolled. They can not be stolen by the Robber, can not be claimed by a Monopoly, can not be earned through a Year of Plenty, and can not be used in any trades.

How do you combine Cities & Knights with the Jungle Tile?
This is a great question, since there are no Development Cards for purchase in C&K. We have not found an official ruling yet (let us know if you have!), but we play with the rule that 2 Discovery Tokens may be traded in for one Resource of your choice and 3 Discovery tokens may be traded in for one Commodity card of your choice.

An alternate idea (credit James Wolfpacker):
3 Discovery Tokens + 1 Commodity Card = 1 Progress Card of that Color

Variant Background:
This version of the Jungle hex was officially created by Klaus Teuber and originally published on the Mayfair Games website. The tile was free to download and print. Later it was included on the CatanMaps website and rescaled to make it easier to print at the correct size.

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