Sets Needed

Base Set
Base 5/6 Player
Seafarers 5/6 Player
Traders & Barbarians
Explorers & Pirates
Jungle Tile
Volcano Tile

Recommended for
5 to 6 players

Game Instructions
  • Victory: 13 Victory Points
    (14 if 5 players)(+2 if using C&K)

Assemble the 11×7 board shown above. You will need to use some frame pieces and tiles from Explorers & Pirates. The Volcano in the Pacific is laid on top of the frame piece.

Initial Placements: Initial Placements may be anywhere on the map except for the Pacific Volcano (Hawaii).

Bonus Points:
1 VP is awarded whenever a player builds a settlement on a continent that is “foreign” to his initial two placements. For purposes of this rule, there are only 5 “continent areas” as shown below:

  1. The Americas
  2. Africa (not including the deserts)
  3. Eurasia
  4. Australia
  5. Hawaii

Fishermen of Catan:
Use the rules as laid out in the Traders & Barbarians expansion

Harbormaster Card:
Worth 2 VP. Use the rules laid out in the Traders & Barbarians expansion

Pirate & Robber:
Play with both, starting them as shown

Jungle tile:
Read full rules here

Volcano tile:
Use the gold-producing variant. Read full rules here

“Round the World” Variant:
If everyone agrees, you can allow traveling off the East end of the map onto the West end, and vice versa. However, this can be a little confusing if you are not careful. Before the game, be sure that everyone understands these are the way the “portals” work. The image below shows the consecutive path of the two ships that cross the globe. Ships attempting to cross will be placed on the frame as shown. For a ship that has “half crossed” the portal, there will only be ONE eligible placement for their next ship if they choose to continue in that direction (normally a player would have two options).


Credit: This world map was created by Preston D., and is partially based off the Catan World Map created by Stelios Tsaldaris. The render above is created by Jasper.

These maps are made available as a free resource for Catan players. They may not be reproduced for commercial purposes nor distributed on commercial sites. If you believe any map infringes a copyright you own, it will be removed immediately until the matter is resolved.

If you have a question about these maps and/or rules, please contact us. We welcome any feedback, suggestions or corrections.