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A great hex that can rock your island.

Replace the desert with an earthquake hex. Remove the robber from the game.

This tile produces no resources. If a 7 is rolled, steal a resource card from any player. If you have more than 7 cards, drop half of them as usual. After doing this, an earthquake happens.

During an earthquake, the earthquake hex might damage cities or settlements on its corners, and then it will move and switch places with another hex. First, roll the red die. If there is a settlement or city on a hex corner that matches the red die’s number, that building will be damaged by the earthquake. Lay the affected piece on its side or turn it upside down. Damaged buildings keep producing resources but they don’t count as victory points until they are repaired.

To repair settlements, you need to pay 2 different resource cards from its original cost i.e. 1 wool and 1 brick, or 1 lumber and 1 wheat. Cities can be repaired with 1 wheat and 2 ore or with the Medicine card from Cities & Knights.

Now, the earthquake hex will move!

The player that rolled a 7 will decide towards which direction the earthquake hex will move. Choose one of the yellow numbers on the sides of the hex to make it clear for all players on which direction it’s moving, and then roll the yellow die. Start counting hex spaces towards the chosen direction equal to the rolled number.

If the earthquake hex moves towards the sea, keep counting the spaces forward in the same direction, starting on the opposite side of the board. Now swap the earthquake hex with the hex where its movement ended. The swapped hex keeps its number token at all times.

If the earthquake hex ends its movement where it started, nothing happens.

Using a Knight or a Bishop card will let you steal 1 resource from any player and then move the earthquake hex in any direction you choose, following the same rules as if a 7 was rolled. In 5 or 6 player games, replace both deserts with earthquake hexes. When a 7 is rolled, decide which one will move.

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