Sets Needed

Base Set
Base 5/6 Player
Seafarers 5/6 Player

Recommended for
3 to 4 players

Game Instructions
  • Victory: 14 Victory Points
  • Rules: Standard
  • Bonus: Recieves 2VP for settling on a foreign landmass

A thinly veiled spinoff of the official “Through the Desert” scenario from Seafarers, this map splits the main island into roughly equal halves divided by a strip of desert.

  • Initial Placements: Players may start anywhere on the main island. They may place on either side of the desert.
  • Bonus Points: Each player receives 2 VP for each foreign land upon which he settles. Note: This includes both the islands and potentially the other half of the mainland. If a player’s initial two placements are both on one side of the desert, he may receive 2 VP for building a settlement on the opposite side of the desert.
  • Robber and Pirate: Play with both, starting as shown. See less

Credit: Fan map by Preston of Catan Maps. Render by Jasper.

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