Items Wanted

I am keen to build the most complete Catan collection I can.

While my focus will always be the original board game, along with its spin-offs and expansions, I am also collecting the Catan card game, as well as various accessories and memorabilia. While some non-authorised items may appear in my collection, it is not my desire to promote products that detract from or exploit the original game and its origins.

I had originally thought that I would collect only English Catan sets. However, the game is originally from Germany and Germany does have some very cool unique extensions and special release sets. Therefore I decided to collect both English and German sets to build a larger, more complete collection.

Ironically you could argue this rule has already been broken by my acquisition of a copy of "The Communication in Catan" as this was a game created for circulation in France. Mostly though while I would love to collect Catan base sets in every language it has been released in, my reason for not doing so is simply the cost.

Still to get items

While I am wanting to add as many Catan items as I can find, there are some items I am finding harder to get than others. If you can help me to obtain any of the following items, please email me.

  • Catan 10th Anniversary 3D Netherlands set - I have the English and German 3D sets, as well as my normal 3D play set. However I am very keen to get a Dutch 3d set as well to complete the 10th Anniversary items.
  • The Settlers of Hesse
  • Die Siedler von Catan: Die Grobe Karawane
  • The Settlers of the North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Saggsen Gaden: The Settlers of Saxony & Offensive in Chemnitz
  • Geographic Discipline Model (even a photo would be great so I know what I am looking for <g>)
  • 'Return to Catan' promotional items. I saw these online and am keen to add itesm to my collection.
  • Any rare or unusual Catan product that was officially released by Catan GmbH, released in a magazine, or given away/sold at Catan events and tournaments.