I am keen to build the most complete Catan collection I can.

While my focus will always be the original board game, along with its spin-offs and expansions, I am also collecting the Catan card game, as well as various accessories, memorabilia and advertising materials. While some non-authorised items may appear in my collection, it is not my desire to promote products that detract from or exploit the original game and its origins.

My collection is based around 4 targetted areas:

  • ENGLISH CATAN 1996 - 2021
    My goal is to have a complete collection of every officially released Catan game product. This includes different editions, as well as different printing released within editions.

  • GERMAN CATAN 1995 - 2010
    Catan is a German game and there are many cool features that have only been released in German. I decided I would collect the first 15 years of Catan, but also will add special items that I like from after this period. I will keep my collection of German base sets updated as new sets are released.

    My goals is to have a base set in every intnernational language Catan has been released in. Currently I have 36 different languages out of the 38 I am aware of.

    As well as my English game set, I also want to collect as much merchandising and memorabilia as possible. Sadly budget limits mean I will not get everything officially released in English, but I have built up an extensive collection of unusual items in both English and other languages. My focus will be on the hard to find, or just plain quirky.

Still to get items

To my family - either Christmas, my Birthday, some form of anniversary, or just any excuse to show how much you care is coming up soon. This means any of the items below will be a GREAT present.

Last update 25/11/2021

English Items

  • 2012 - Traders & Barbarians 5/6 Player (if it was released)
  • 2015 - Catan Geographies – Hispania
  • 2016 - Struggle for Catan Cathedral Promo Card (English version)
  • 2017 - Rivals 20th Anniversary Card Game - 2017 copyright
  • 2018 - Rise of the Inka - correction card.
  • 2018 - Catan Traveler Compact Edition v2 (removing Mayfair branding)
  • 2019 - Traders & Barbarians 5/6 Player 2019 copyright
  • 2019 - Seafarers Expansion 2019 copyright
  • 2020 - Rivals for Catan 2020 copyright
  • 2020 - Catan Dice Game Clamshell 2020 copyright
  • 2021 - Cologne Cathedral (Catan Studio promo edition)
  • 2021 - Fenni's Shearing Season (World Explorers Promo)
  • 2020 - Starfarers: Asteroids Mini-Expansion
  • 2022 - Catan: The Helpers
  • 2022 - Dawn of Humankind Dice Tower
  • 2022 - Malta Hex 2022 World Champs

Foreign Languages

  • Afrikaans Catan Base Set


  • Candamir: Az első telepesek ‐ Hungarian edition (2004)


  • Elasund: Die erste Stadt - German box without KOSMOS logo (2005)
  • Elasund (Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish) Nordic edition (2005)

Merchants of Europe

  • Osadnicy z Catanu: Na podbój Europy ‐ Polish edition (2012)

Schätze, Drachen & Entdecker

  • Catan: Trésors, Dragons & Explorateurs ‐ French edition (2021)
  • Catan: Skarby, smoki i odkrywcy ‐ Polish edition (2017)
  • Catan:Tesoros, dragones y aventureros - Spanish Edition (2017)
  • Catan: Zakladi, zmaji in raziskovalci ‐ Slovenian edition (2017)

Settlers of America

  • Колонизаторы. Америка ‐ Russian edition

Struggle for Rome

  • Taistelu Roomasta ‐ Kosmos Finnish edition (2007)
  • La conquête de Rome ‐ French edition (2006)
  • Поселенцы: Битва за Рим ‐ Russian edition

Settlers of the Stone Age

  • Каменный век ‐ Russian edition

15th Anniversary Sets

  • De Kolonisten van Catan: 15 jaar Deluxe Editie ‐ Dutch edition 2010
  • Los Colonos de Catán ‐ Spanish edition 2010

25th Anniversary Sets

  • Catan: Edycja jubileuszowa ‐ Polish edition (2020)
  • Catan: Юбилейное издание ‐ Russian edition (2020)

Catan Card Game

  • Russian
  • Колонизаторы. Карточная игра (Card game)‐ Russian First edition
  • Колонизаторы: Быстрая карточная игра (Struggle for Catan) ‐ Russian edition (2011)Колонизаторы: Князья Катана (Catan Duel)‐ Russian edition 2014
  • Колонизаторы: Князья Катана (Catan Duel)‐ Russian edition 2014
  • Колонизаторы: Князья Катана (Rivals) ‐ Russian edition 2014
  • Hungarian
  • Kártyajáték by Kosmos ‐ Hungarian edition 1998/99
  • German
  • Die Siedler von Catan: Kartenspiel – Zauberer & Drachen ‐ German (1999) Misprint version.
  • Slovenia
  • Naseljenci otoka Catan: Igra s kartami za dva igralca ‐ Slovenian second edition 2011 (maybe 2008?)
  • Czech
  • Catan Duel karetni hra pro dva hracc - Albi 2017
  • Catan Duel karetni hra pro dva hracc - Albi 2021

To anyone else, I am happy to buy or trade for anything on this list my other items I will give an arm and a leg for include:

  • 2020 - 'Return to Catan' Shop Display Stand
  • 2001 - Geographic Discipline Model - Buckland Games
  • Any rare or unusual Catan product that was officially released by Catan GmbH, released in a magazine, or given away/sold at Catan events and tournaments.


Display Stand

One of the things I am most keen to get is the Catan display stand used in the USA. If any American Catan collectors have one of these I am willing to trade a LOT of items with you for one of these. Or I am willing to just buy it outright. I think it looks super cool and would be perfect to display my 5th edition CS sets.

PS If anyone from Catan Studio or Asmodee is reading this, I will give your company and websites free front page advertising on my site for two years for one of these stands. I will promote Catan on any platform you like and you can even borrow rare items if you want for a display at a convention.