With buying many sets or upgrading sets, I do get a "few" duplicates.

spares1200pxCurrently I have around 200 Catan items available.

I prefer to share or trade my spare items. If you are looking for any items please feel free to email me or refer to my old spares list below.

For fellow Catan collectors if I can help by sharing spare parts or spare games then I am happy to do so. I am more interested in ensuring people have complete sets than I am in selling various bits and pieces.


REF Title Country Year
2015 Mayfair Traveler Set
E008 The settlers fran Catan Swedish 1996
E014 Catan gra Planszowa Poland 2015
E032 Osadnicy z Catanu Poland 1995
E036 Catan telepesei Hungaria 1995
E049 Naseljenci otoka Catan Slovenia 2009
E052 Naseljenci otoka Catan - osnovna igra Slovenia 2009 Third Edition
E068B Los colonos de catan Spain 2002
E069 los descubridores de catan Spain 1995
E072B Catanin uudisasukkaat Finland 2007
EE078 I Coloni di Catan Italia 2002
E079 I Cooloni di Katan Italia 1995
E085 Katah - Hacmonha Hspa Bulgaria 2007
E143 T shirt XL Die Meistersiedler von Nurnberg Germany 2000 decolored
E146B Baden Wurttemberg Black Box Germany
E150 Abenteuer Germany 2002 Broken
E162 die Legende der Seeraüber Germany 2017
E165 Von Nürnberg Germany 1999
E178 Ritter Sport Schokoladen markt Germany 2010
E182 Die Sternenfahrer von Catan - Win95 CD Germany 2000
E196 Händler und Barbaren Germany 2007
E213 Entdecker + Piraten Germany 2013 unplayed, box damage
E221 Siedler von Catan Panasonic Germany unplayed
E225 Baden - Württemberg Germany 2012
E228 Candamir Germany 2004
E230 Ergänzungs set für 5 und 6 - 1st edition Germany 1996
E231 Siedler von Catan Germany 1995 double white box on back
E235 Wien Catan Germany 2013
E248 Siedler von Catan Germany 1995 sealed, unplayed
E251 Die Kolonien 10 Jahre Germany 2007
E258 Siedler von Catan Germany 1995
E261 Sternenfahrer von catan Germany 1999 rockets mint
E269 Einstieger - variante Germany 2009
E270 Entdecker + Piraten fur 5-6 spieler Germany 2013
E277 Siedeln Handeln Bauen Germany 2015
E288 Seefahrers - 1st edition Germany 1997
E289 Siedler von Catan 10 Jahre Germany 2002
E295 Blik Kartenspiel 10 Jahre Germany 2006
E299 Das mini Spiel Germany 2010
E300 Das Turnier-set zum Kartenspiel Germany 1997 Damaged Parts only damage inside
E304 Kartenspiel Barbara + Handersherren Germany 2003
E324 Das buch zum Spielen Germany 2000
E331C Themen-Set zum Kartenspel - ritter & handler Germany 1999 1st edition, poor condition
E335 Szenarien die Helfer Germany
E357B Die Sternenfahrer - 5 figures Germany
E361A Ereignisse auf Catan - event/dice cards (5 sets) 5 spare sets
468 Star Trek fedaration space USA 2013 spare set
E498 Les Colons de Catane - La grande Rivière France 2005 spare set
E500 Les Colons de Katäne France 1995 Spare set
E506 De kolonisten van Catan basisspel + beste vrienden NL 2010
E508 De kolonisten van Catan basisspel + beste vrienden en oliebronnen NL 2010
E511 Startrek Catan NL 2012
E532 Piraten & ontdekkers uitbreidingsset NL 2013
E535 Steden en ridders uitbreidingsset NL 2001

As well as this list above I also have scenario maps and geographies too.