Sets Needed

Base Set

Recommended for
3 to 4 players

Game Instructions
  • Victory: 10 Victory Points
  • Rules: Standard

In 1960, the archaelogical remains of a Norse village were found at the northernmost tip of Newfoundland, a place called L’Anse aux Meadows. Contrary to popular belief, Christopher Columbus was not the first European to visit the Americas. Around 1000 AD, a group of Vikings, possibly led by Leif Erikson, founded the settlement at L’Anse aux Meadows. It is the only confirmed Norse site in North America besides Greenland.

Naturally, Newfoundland was begging to be converted into a Catan map. The map we created is actually comprised of 18 resource-producing hexes, just as the traditional Catan island is. See less

Start the Robber on the 12 hex. Do not use ships or the pirate.



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