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A fun scenario that can add a fun twist to any game.

The Soccer Field Scenario

The hex is simple to create as you can just use a standard pasture hex and draw on that. If you do not want to mark the front of the hex, you can draw the outline of the field on the back of any pasture hex. Or, for a temporary solution, simply draw the field on a post-it note and sit this on any pasture hex.

The football field hex replaces a pasture hex. It is assigned a number as normal.

On the Soccer Field hex there are two "TEAM SPOTS" (see figure 1 below). To be a soccer player a person must build on one of these spots. The soccer games start as soon as one of the spots is occupied.

Other players can also build on the remaining four corners. Normal building distances do not apply to the six spots on this hex. Any person building on one of the four remaining corners become a "SPECTATOR'"

If one of the team spots is occupied, then each time the number assigned to the hex is thrown a soccer game commences. If only one TEAM SPOT is occupied the player plays against an imaginary opponent. If both TEAM SPOTs are occupied the two different players play against each other.

If one team spot is occupied the player rolls two dice twice. The first throw is for the imaginary opponent and the second throw for their own score. If both team spots are occupied, each player rolls two dice for their own score. The person with the highest score is the winner of the match and takes either:

  • two sheep resource cards; OR

  • a single resource card of their choice.

The person with the lower score loses the game and receives no resources from the hex for this turn. If the score is a draw both players may choose a single resource card of their choice.

Additional Hex Rules

  • Building a city on the Soccer Field hex does NOT gain you extra resources from the soccer field. Instead you gain one point on your dice roll when playing a game, ie if you roll a 5 it becomes 6, if you roll a 9 it becomes 10.

  • Having a city on the Team Spot does not affect standard resource production on other adjoining hexes. They continue using the normal rules. It is only the soccer field that does not produce extra resources for this one city.

  • If playing Cities and Knights then a City continues to receive any commodity it is due as standard. The soccer game only plays with the resources.

For all spectators the pasture hex produces resources as normal. When a match is played a spectator can choose to bet one resource card and say who they think will win. When the match is played, one of three outcomes will result:

  • If they bet on the correct player then they receive an extra resource card of the same type as the bet.

  • If they back the losing team, then they forfeit the bet and this is returned to the bank.

  • If the game is a draw they simply take back their bet with no gain or loss.

This modified version of the Soccer Fields hex is based on an original set of fan-made rules from the West Münsterland Catan Club back in 2006. I bought a white paint Sharpie to create the lines. I plan to do a better copy using a 3D hex in the future.

fig01 soccerhex

Figure 01

fig02 soccerdiagram

Figure Two

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