Sets Needed

Base Set
Base 5/6 Player
Seafarers 5/6 Player
Explorers & Pirates

Recommended for
3 to 4 players

Game Instructions
  • Victory: 10 Victory Points

The People of the Plains thrive on their abundance of crops and livestock. But to expand their civilization, they must sail to nearby islands in search of resources they have never known.

Robber and Pirate:
Start the Pirate as shown. Start the Robber off the board; he will become activated once someone rolls a “7” or plays a Knight card.

(optional rule: the Robber is not activated until a player builds the first settlement on a foreign island. Until then, when a “7” is rolled, the hoarding rule does not apply. The person who rolled the “7” may still move the Pirate and steal a card from an adjacent ship.)

Bonus Points:
There are no bonus points for settling on a foreign island. The resources alone should be reward enough, you greedy lard.

This map is very similar to Heading for New Shores, with the obvious difference of the painful starting island, as well as the contours of the outer islands. There are two strategies which are hugely important to winning this map: having good ports, and expanding to outer islands. Note that the most important ports (wheat and sheep) are located on the northwest side of the island where there is no exploration opportunity. There are, however, a generous sprinkling of 3:1 ports on the south and east sides. Everyone should be starting the game with at least one settlement on these coasts.

There is no way you will get access to all five resources, so in the second half of the game, expect to see a bit of inter-player trading of brick, ore, and lumber.


Credit: Original version by Preston of Catan Maps. Modified render by Jasper.

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