Sets Needed

Base Set
Base 5/6 Player

Recommended for
3 to 4 players

Game Instructions
  • Victory: 12 Victory Points
  • Rules: Standard + Castaways

As the Catanians adventure out into the surrounding seas, they discover a number of desert islands containing castaways. These shipwrecked traders were traveling to Catan from a neighboring nation when a fierce storm sank their ship and left these driftwood clingers at the mercy of the currents. Upon being rescued by the Catanians, the wealthy merchants soon return to thank them with bounteous gifts.

(A 5-6 player map of Castaways will be posted later)

  • The required sets will give you enough tiles and you can simply use a substitute for an additional  desert tile.
  • What it’s about: Each time you rescue a castaway, you get 2 Victory Points
  • Setup: After setting up the board, place 5 “Castaways” on the Desert Islands on the intersections shown. You can simply use Catan chits from the Seafarers expansion. Or, if you want more humanoid figures, we recommend using Barbarian pieces from “Traders and Barbarians” and just pretend they’re friendly, innocent victims.
  • If possible, use pieces from T&B to represent the Castaways
  • Initial Placements: The initial placements may only be on the two main islands

Rescuing the Castaways:

Once a player’s shipping route reaches a Castaway, the Castaway is “found” by that player. No points are immediately given to the rescuing player; however, no one else may take that Castaway from him, and it’s only a matter of time until the points are his.

Starting at the end of that player’s next turn, the Castaway starts to “travel” back to one of the mainlands, following the shipping route, two ships at a time. Each time at the end of his own turn, the player may move the Castaway (up to) two intersections along the route. As soon as the Castaway reaches one of that player’s settlements, he has returned to civilization and the player receives 2 Victory Points for the rescue. Leave the Rescued Castaway token at that settlement for the remainder of the game to represent the 2 VP.

Robber and Pirate

  • Robber: Start the Robber as shown. Once the Robber comes into play, he may not be placed back on the deserts.
  • Pirate: Start the Pirate as shown. When a player places the Pirate on a hex that borders a Castaway in transit, she may elect either to steal a card at random (as usual); OR move the Castaway two steps “backward” along the shipping route toward the sea. Furthermore, as long as the Pirate is on a hex, no castaways may be moved to, from, or along the hex.

Additional Rules:

  • The ships between the Castaway’s point of origin and the rescuing player’s settlement is considered a Closed Trade Route; those ships cannot be moved.
  • However, once a Castaway has reached the mainland, all of those ships are now considered an Open Trade Route again.
  • A player may build a settlement on the Desert Islands if he wishes. However, there are no bonus points awarded for settling, and the islands produce no resources.
  • A player may simultaneously be rescuing two different Castaways. Each Castaway may be moved one space closer to the mainlands during the player’s turn.
  • It would be rare, but two Castaways may occupy the same intersection at the same time.
  • The Pirate MAY be placed on a frame piece – just imagine completed hexagons

Credit: A fan-made variant from Joe H


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