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The Settlers of New Catan - a fan expansion

The Settlers of New Catan was a fan epansion inspired by the Starfarers of Catan.


sonc logoImportatnly it allowed users to play a space based game using the original settlers board and without the need to invest in a second game. The additional components needed could be downloaded for free.

In this fan version, players are human settlers on the first "Catanian colony" in space, called New Catan. The new twist is that as well as the standard building of settlements and cities, players must also establish bonds with the aliens that have also established outposts on New Catan.

The rewards for completing this new task are additional benefits that can assist in winning the game. As well as the aliens, New Catan is also under attack by space pirates (the robber and the infiltrator).

The original game was released in 2004. This was followed quickly with the release of three additional modules/expansions called Frontiers, Development and Capitols. These too are listed below for download.

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