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Unofficial Hexes #2 - Treasure Hex

Here is another unsual hex called the Treasure Hex. Not sure of the source, but it is from a series of hexes I found in the Dutch collection I purchased.

The text comes with revised rules as follows:

Revised Rules for the new Treasure Hex

For 2-6 players

Treasure Tile: This hex needs to be near water. Youfound a sunken treasure chest off the shore of Catan. This tiles lets you at random get one resource card from the bank with a settlement and 3 resource cards at random from the bank with a city. You pick 1 at a time at random and the resource card you picked gets replaced and shuffled in again before you pick your second card. This tile doesn't go on a high rolling number. If you are playing with capitals you can build a capital on this hex tile. No commodities are involved unless you built a cpaital on this hex tile. Then you would pick one commodity card at random for yout 3rd card. Old Maid Style since you never know what you are going to get when opening a treasure chest.

Or you can make your own rules.... Have Fun!!!!

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treasurehex02 1200px