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Unofficial Hexes by Kevin Nafziger

I recently found a set of Hex varients designed by Kevin Nafziger. I do not know who this is or when the hexes were created, but I thought I would share them here for others to read.

The hexes are a good attempt to add a bit of variation, but I am not usre I agree with the logic of a few of them. Certainly adding a higher degree of randomness goes against the strategic nature of the game I enjoy.

The hexes are pictured below and then beleath them is the original text that came with the hexes.The sheet does not mention any copyright, but if you are Kevin Nafziger and have an objection, please just let me know and I will remove it immediately.



Hex Variations
created by Kevin Nafziger
** I am in no way associated, sponsored by or authorised by Mayfair Games**

Sometimes it seems like Settlers needs just alittle bit of spice. Hex Variations are the answer! Here are some ideas to add an extra flair to the game. These pieces can replace the desert or could be put in for a resource (I recommend replacing a sheep hex). For a real action-packed game, try using several of them at once!

01 Mining Hex:
The miners in this area are always digging, but they dig up different things at different times. When the number is rolled, any settlement has the opportunity to take either a clay resource or an ore. If there is a city on the hex, it gets one of each resource. ANy number may be used here, but I would avoid using the 6 or the 8.

02 Alms Hex:
As the saying goes, "Beggars can't be choosers." To start the game, take 4 of each resource, turn them face down and shuffle them together. Stack these 20 cards face down and begin to play. When the number of the alms hex is rolled, each settlement on the hex receives the normal number of cards you would receive from the top of the stack. The roller goes first and then around the circle. When the pile runs out (even if it is in the middle of distributing), take 20 more cards, shuffle them and continue. Any number can be used for this hex. This is an excellent tile if you have some experts in the group. It adds one more element of chance.

03 University Hex:
At this location, higher education allows for the brighter members of Catan to do excellent things. When the number is rolled for this hex, a settlement will produce either a sheep or an ore. If the is a city on the hex, it receives no resources, but instead earns one development card.

04 Farming Hex:
The farm hex is a rotating crop producer. When the number is rolled, any settlement on the hex has the opportunity to take either a sheep or a grain resource. If there is a city on the hex, it gets one of each resource. Any number may be placed on this hex, but I would avoid the 6 and the 8.

05 Gambling Hex:
Alas, this vice has made it even to remote Catan! If the hex number is rolled, each person who has a settlement on the hex has the opportunity to gamble. They must pay one resource of any type and roll the dice. If they roll the number on which they are built, they get 1 of each resource type (for a total of 5 resources). If there is a city on the hex, they get the 5 resources and also a development card. If someone has more than one settlement on the hex, they roll the die one time.

06 Jail Hex:
The citizens of Catan have been besieged by the robber for years, now they are fighting back. Whoever has the most victory points on the Jail hex is the "jailer", there may be a tie if there are 2 people with equal points on the hex. Any player, on their turn (after their roll) can pay one resource (their choice) to the jailer and move the robber to the jail. If there are 2 jailers, take an extra resource (same type) from the bank to pay the second person. The jailer may move the robber for free. This hex does not need a number. If there is no jailer, a player just pays the bank.

07 Bank Hex:
The person with the most victory points on this hex is the "banker," there may be a tie if several people have the same number of points on the hex. The banker is the person who enables Catan citizens to trade their resource 4 for 1. Therefore, whenever a player makes a 4 for 1 trade, the banker receives one of those resources. If there are multiple bankers, they each receive one of the resource cards. The banker may also automatically trade 3 for 1 for his own resources. This hex does not need a number.

08 Bully Hex:
Yes, sadly there are bullies even on the paradise of Catan. The bully of Catan likes his neighbours, but no one else. If the number on the hex is rolled any player NOT built on the hex must give one resource (his choice) to the bank. A variation is to allow those built ON the hex to choose from the discarded resource cards.

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