Catan News

Collection grown to over 800 items

Over the past couple of weeks I have managed to catalogue my latest purchases and add them to my database. While doing this I reached over 800 items.

The 800th item added was a Russian set of Candamir. This is part of my language sets collection and is the 3rd language set of Candamir I have managed to collect of the 4 languages it was released in.

candamir russian

While there are many items I want to collect, I do have a core list of the items that are top of the list. For the first time this has fallen to under twenty items. These include:

01. The Rivals for Catan v4
02. Catan Geographies – Hispania
03. Catan: Traders and Barbarians 5-6 player 2nd Edition v2
04. Catan: Catakatoa - Game Trader Issue 61 March 2005
05. The Cologne Cathedral - Catan Studio giveaway version
06. 2020 - 'Return to Catan' Shop Display Stand
07. Asteroid Fields Mini-Set 2020

Language Sets
08. Elasund: Die erste Stadt - German edition without KOSMOS logo (2005)
09. Elasund (Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish) Nordic edition (2005)
10. MoE Settlers fra Catan: Europa ‐ Bergsala Enigma Danish edition (2012)
11. MoE Osadnicy z Catanu: Na podbój Europy ‐ Polish edition (2012)
12. MoE Colonistii din Catan Europa ‐ Romanian edition (2012)
13. SoA Колонизаторы. Америка ‐ Russian edition 2014
14. SfR Taistelu Roomasta ‐ Kosmos Finnish edition (2007)
15. SfR La conquête de Rome ‐ French edition (2006)
16. SfR Поселенцы: Битва за Рим ‐ Russian edition
17. Candamir: Az első telepesek ‐ Hungarian edition (2004)
18. Dutch 2005 3D 10th Anniversary set

Base Sets
19. Afrikaans language

On top of this list are various bits of memorabilia and alike, along with some versions of scenarios and maps I have been unable to find.

The REALLY big thing I am keen to get is a large floor Catan set. While they have them for conventions, I am keen to have a set for home. Preferably I want to create a large outdoor garden set.