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Scenario Maps and other Map Alternatives

One of the biggest problems I face with my collection is finding the space to display everything.

It is one of the reasons I created this website as I was keen to show people just how much variation and development Catan has gone through over the years.  Of all the items in my collection the one I have struggled with the most is all the various scenario maps. At present they sit folded on a shelf and this seemed such a waste as I often get enquiries about these.

So I have decided to create a page dedicated to just maps and have added this under my Catan links page.

Currently I have over 60 maps shown on this page and I will add more as I become aware of them, or as people suggest. They are currently broken down into the following groups:

  • English Language Maps - maps officially released by Catan in English
  • German Language Maps - maps officially released by Catan in German
  • Special Maps - maps released for special events by Catan or by properly authorised parties
  • Other Maps - these include official maps in other languages, as well as maps released in other sets
  • Autographed Maps - while I do not collect these as such, I have amassed a small collection of autographed maps

Click image to view the map page