Candamir: The First Settlers

Candamir: The First Settlers is part of the Catan Adventure Series.

The game has been released in four languages. I am missing the Hungarian version.

Game Details

  1. Candamir: The First Settlers ‐ Mayfair English edition (2005)
    Publisher: Mayfair Games

  2. Candamir: Az első telepesek ‐ Hungarian edition (2004)
    Publisher: Piatnik

  3. Candamir: Die ersten Siedler ‐ KOSMOS German edition (2004)
    Publisher: KOSMOS

  4. Кандамир. Поселенцы ‐ Russian edition (2004)
    Publisher: Zvezda

candamir russian c candamir front candamir 01

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