Struggle for Rome

"Catan Histories: Struggle for Rome" is a variant of The Settlers of Catan game. and is part of the historical series.

The game has been released in seven languages. I currently have four of these (English, German, Dutch and Italian).

Game Details

  1. Taistelu Roomasta ‐ Kosmos Finnish edition (2007)
    Publisher: Competo / Marektoy, KOSMOS

  2. De kolonisten van Catan: De val van Rome ‐ Dutch edition (2006)
    Publisher: 999 Games, KOSMOS

  3. La conquête de Rome ‐ French edition (2006)
    Publisher: Filosofia Éditions

  4. Kampf um Rom ‐ German edition (2006)
    Publisher: KOSMOS

  5. Catan Histories: Struggle for Rome ‐ Mayfair English edition (2006)
    Publisher: Mayfair Games

  6. I Coloni di Catan: Battaglia per Roma ‐ Italian edition
    Publisher: Giochi Uniti

  7. Поселенцы: Битва за Рим ‐ Russian edition
    Publisher: Zvezda


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