Star Trek: Catan

Star Trek: Catan is a themed Catan game based on the Star Trek franchise. The game play resembles the standard Catan game with the addition of the Helpers scenario.

The game has been released in six languages. Due to the interest in the game it has been re-released in English, seven years after the original version. I am fortunate to now have all the languages, as well as both English versions..

Game Details

  1. Star Trek: Catan ‐ English second edition (2019)
    Publisher: Catan Studio
    Release Date: Feb 2019

  2. Star Trek: Catan ‐ Dutch edition (2013)
    Publisher: 999 Games

  3. Star Trek: Catane ‐ French edition (2013)
    Publisher: Filosofia Éditions
    Release Date: Mar 15, 2013

  4. Star Trek: Catan ‐ Italian edition (2013)
    Publisher: Giochi Uniti, Stupor Mundi

  5. Star Trek Catan ‐ Spanish edition (2013)
    Publisher: Devir
    Release Date: Apr 2013

  6. Star Trek: Catan ‐ English edition (2012)
    Publisher: Mayfair Games
    Release Date: Sep 13, 2012

  7. Star Trek Catan ‐ German edition (2012)
    Publisher: KOSMOS
    Release Date: Mar 2012

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