Starship Catan

Starship Catan is a two-player card game that is similar to Starfarers of Catan, but has different game play.

The game has been released in four languages, English, German, Dutch and French.

Game Details

  1. De ruimteschepen van Catan ‐ Dutch edition (2004)
    Publisher: 999 Games, KOSMOS
    Release Date: Oct 2004

  2. Objectif Catane ‐ French edition (2003)
    Publisher: KOSMOS, Tilsit

  3. Starship Catan ‐ English edition (2001)
    Publisher: KOSMOS, Mayfair Games

  4. Sternenschiff Catan ‐ German edition (2001)
    Publisher: KOSMOS

starship 4sets 1800px

starshipcatan setof4

As well as the four sets shown here, I also have two additional sets. The first is an unplayed German set I acquired on 2021. This is for the collection. The autographed one will be kept too, but it is not in mint condition.

I also have a third German set that is notable for its faults. Most of the cards are faulty as they are printed off-centre. That this game got through the production process and into a store for sale makes it unusual. It is the only set I have seen with this fault.

For more information on this game there is a page on, click here.