Catan: 25th Anniversary Edition

This special Anniversary set was released in 2020 to celebrate 25 years of Catan.

This set has been released in a number of languages. All sets, except the English version, contain the Catan base game, Catan: Seafarers, and two scenarios: Catan: Hawaii and Catan: Iberian Peninsula. The English versions contents include the Catan base game, the Catan: 5-6 Player Extension, the Helpers of Catan scenario, special iridescent anniversary wood pieces and dice, resource card sorting trays, and card sleeves.

  1. 25th Anniversary Edition ‐ English (2020)
    Publisher: Catan Studio

  2. Catan: 25 jaar wereldwijd jubileum ‐ Dutch (2020)
    Publisher: 999 Games

  3. Catan: Les 25 Ans ‐ French (2020)
    Publisher: KOSMOS

  4. Catan: 25 Jahre Jubiläums-Edition ‐ German (2020)
    Publisher: KOSMOS

  5. Catan: Edycja jubileuszowa ‐ Polish (2020)
    Publisher: Galakta, KOSMOS

  6. Catan: Юбилейное издание ‐ Russian (2020)
    Publisher: Hobby World, KOSMOS

  7. Catan: 25 años edición aniversario ‐ Spanish (2020)
    Publisher: Devir, KOSMOS

  8. 卡坦島25週年紀念版 ‐ Chinese (2020)
    Publisher: Swan Panasia Co., Ltd., KOSMOS

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For more information on the English game, click here. and for the other languages click here.