Elasund: The First City

Elasund: The First City is the second game in the Catan Adventures series.

In this game players both compete and cooperate to build the first city. A unique point of difference with this game is that it is not designed as a spin-off from another game, but instead is based on the Rebecca Gale novel, "Die Siedler von Catan." Of course this book was based on Catan.

Elasund was released in 8 languages (the Nordic edition had 4 languages included). There were also two German versions as the first release of this first set did not have the Kosmos logo on the front. Presumably this was a mistake as it was quickly followed by a corrected version with the logo. While not particularly valuable, the copy without the logo is very hard to find. I am missing the Nordic set and the rarer "No Logo" German set.

  1. Elasund: La Première Cité
    French edition (2006)
    Publisher: Filosofia Éditions

  2. Elasund: The First City
    English edition (2005)
    Publisher: Catan GmbH, KOSMOS, Mayfair Games

  3. Elasund: Die erste Stadt
    German edition without KOSMOS logo (2005)
    Publisher: KOSMOS

  4. Elasund: Die erste Stadt
    German edition with KOSMOS logo (2005)
    Publisher: KOSMOS

  5. Elasund (Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish)
    Nordic edition (2005)
    Publisher: Tactic

  6. Elasund: Первый город
    Russian edition (2006)
    Publisher: KOSMOS, Smart Ltd

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There was also a free print-and-play expansion for Elasund released too. Some may have been made up to give away at events as I have a set that were apparently collected at Spiel.

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For more information on this game there is a page on Catan.com, click here.