5th Ed MF - Catan 2015 - FAKE
5th Ed MF - Catan 2015 - FAKE

5th Ed MF - Catan 2015 - FAKE

This set is a sealed Mayfair 5th edition and looks fine. However an observant Reddit user noticed spelling errors on the rear of the box that do not appear on my other copies of the Mayfair box.

I have kept this fake set and added it to my identify your sets in the hope it may help others spot fakes in the future. In particular the misspelling of "STRART" is most obvious. Other faults are:

  1. First paragraph, second sentence "Start" is spelt "Strart."

  2. First paragraph, last sentence "are" is spelt "ard."

  3. In the first paragraph in white on the right hand side has last line has a different line height to the rest of the paragraph.

  4. The 3071 number at the bottom of the box has a larger last number to the other three.

  5. The colour of the box is faded compared to others


  • Official product: Yes
  • May 2018
  • Source: Retail Shop
  • Language: English