5th Ed MF - Catan 2015
5th Ed MF - Catan 2015

5th Ed MF - Catan 2015

English fifth edition, first printing
Mayfair Games
Year Published 2015
Product Code MFG3071
Dimensions 11.62 x 9.38 x 3.12 inches
Weight 3.00 pounds
Release Date Apr 23, 2015

Fith edition features the now shoter title Catan.

When released in 2015 the 5th Edition had the Mayfair logo on the side. In 2016 these were reprinted with the Catan Studio logo following the purchase of the rights to the game by Asmodee.

On my 5th edition sets listed here I have indicated in the title whether sets in my collection are Mayfair or Catan Studio (CS)


  • Official product: Yes
  • May 2018
  • NZ$73.32 + NZ$50.63 shipping (with 4th set)
  • Source: Retail Shop
  • Language: English