Something completely unnecessary.

For a long time I have wondered what I could have in my play-sets that would make them stand out as different.

So when I recently saw someone create a custom robber I thought I would do the same and have my very own robber and merchant. The thing is though I didn't want to redesign the shape of either as they are traditional and also I think they look really good. So I decided to have a sterling silver robber and a solid gold merchant made.

I would love to say I sat down and made my own, but it would not have worked. I wanted them to look stylish and professional. So instead I asked a local manufacturing jeweller for help and they did a simply fantastic job as you can see below.

These two pieces will now sit with my play-sets for use in games with family and friends. I didnt have them made just to sit on a shelf. I want them to be used and enjoyed. Yes they are unnecessary, yes they are a little OTT, but they are something that amuses me and something I will enjoy. So at the end of the day for me they are perfect.



Thank you to J Williams Jewellers in Wanganui for making these beautiful additions to my Catan experience.

I welcome any feedback on this article, including suggestions for amendments or corrections where I have details wrong.