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The earliest commercial Catan set

95diesiedlervoncatan frontThis week I have added two new items to my collection.

1995 - Franckh-Kosmos 1st Edition

The first, and most important, is a set of Catan by "Franckh-Kosmos" from 1995. This was the very first set of "Die Siedler Von Catan" released commercially and predates the winning of the 1995 SdJ Game of the Year award that appears on later reprints.

The set I have bought is in beautiful condition for its age. The contents are pristine, the hexes are unpunched, and the resource and development cards are still sealed. It also has all its original wooden pieces. The box itself has minor rubbing which is to be expected given it is now coming up to 24 years old.

Apart from development sets and test products there is not an earlier version of Die Siedler von Catan available, so this set is very important for my collection. However while I am extremely happy with this set, I am also wanting to acquire a second copy that has been offered to me. It is still sealed and also signed by Klaus Teuber which makes it very appealing.

1998 - Kosmos Städte & Ritter Erweiterung - First Edition

98ckfrontMy second acquisition is the very first version of the German Cities and Knights extension.

There were two versions of the new Cities & Knights extension released in 1998. The first was only released for a short period of time and featured the old Kosmos logo, which was quickly replaced by a new reprinting with the new logo and different rear photo.

I have the more common 2nd printing set already, but was not expecting to be able to find a 1st edition 1st printing any time soon. It was quite a surprise then to see this and the 1995 1st edition above both listed online with the same dealer.

The condition of the set is very much as the one above. The contents are pristine and even the sticker sheet for the knights is in remarkable condition. The exterior does show a bit of wear and tear, but certainly not enough to diminish my pleasure at acquiring it. Fortunately the dealer was very clear when describing both items and included photos. This makes life so much easier when you can deal with an online trader and know what they say is reliable.

More photos of both games are below. All images are scaled to fit the page and can be viewed larger using "view image".

1995 1st Edition Catan - Rear and Contents

95diesiedlervoncatan back 95diesiedlervoncatan contents

1998 1st Edition Cities & Knights - Rear and Contents

98ckback 98ckcontents