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'The Communication in Catan' is no longer on my wishlist!!

One of the rarest games in the Catan universe is the 'The Communication in Catan." Made in 2000 for the French telecommunication company Alcatel, the game was produced in Germany, published in English but only distributed in France.


On one submitter has explained just why this game is so rare.


  • Firstly it was a very limited promotional item, and never released for sale.
  • Secondly he was advised by an Alcatel employee at Essen Spiel 2004 that there were less than 500 from a total print production of 2000 assigned for CeBit 1999 (An Excusive Telecommunications Technology Tradeshow)
  • To make the giveaway special, the company planned to only give the games away to prospective large clients. However at CeBit 1999, it was believed that in reality many sets instead were actually kept by employees.
  • It is also understood many copies that were not handed to clients were later destroyed by Alcatel after the promotion was over.

My own copy of this game was acquired in November 2018 and is a mint condition factory sealed copy of the game. The only mark is a small tear to the factory plastic seal that was made for the game creator, Klaus Teuber so he could sign the front of the game.