Completing my English collection - an update

I have been trying to keep a list of all the English Catan products since 1996. I do not include things like nerchandise like t-shirts and socks, only those items relating to the game of Catan and its extensions, expansions, scenarios and spin-offs.

EDITED 6 March 2024 to update new box found (changes in red)
I have recently added a few more items and this brings the list of English Catan products to 296 now 298 items. I am sure there are others I am missing, but feel this must be getting close to complete.

More pleasing for my own collection is that I am now missing just five items from this list!! These five items are:

  • Year released - name of item
  • 2024 - Catan New Energies (not yet released)
  • 2023 - Catan Promo Card: Leader of the Flock
  • 2020 - Starfarers: Asteroid Fields Mini-Expansion
  • 2017 - A Game of Thrones Catan: Brotherhood of the Watch (14 roads on back)
  • 2020 - A Game of Thrones Catan: Brotherhood of the Watch (Gamegenic logo)
  • 2019 - Catan - Seafarers 2019 copyright 3rd printing
  • 2015 - Catan Geographies – Hispania

Obviously while my main focus is on finding these, I do contune to expand my larger collection too. In total, I now have almost 1200 items in my Catan museum and I am loving having more space to display it all.

I also get a big kick out of the visitors who have been to learn more about Catan and its history and happy that the numbers continue to grow. Even this site has now had well over half a million visits!!

A couple of the missing items I still have to find:

hisp en