The first items for my collection in 2024

I am keen to collect the Catan base set boxes for each language.

Last year I posted in Reddit about now having over 30 languages with the only missing ones being Afrikaans, Brazilian Portuguese and Macedonian. With Brazil the national language is Portuguese, but they have a unique vocabulary and word usage. There is a Catan box released that features this local customisation.

A friend in Brazil, who I have met through Catan and who has been working on the Lost Maps with me, had read this and before Christmas sent me the Brazilian base set, Seafarers and Cities & Knights. This was an amazingly kind gesture for which I was extremely grateful.

Then this week three more packages arrived with five games inside!!!! These first items for 2024 include the Brazil versions of:

  • Traders and Barbarians
  • Explorers and Pirates
  • Catan Base 5/6 player expansion
  • The Rivals for Catan
  • The Struggle for Catan

To say I was surprised to see these is an understatement. I am incredibly lucky to meet such great people who share a passion for this great game.

Needless to say these items are proudly displayed on my wall of international sets, and even have their own shelf so they remain together.
I am starting to get the first bookings to view my collection in 2024 and I will be keen to show people these sets and talk about how Catan has given me friends all over the globe.