Two Giveaways and a new Base Set from Spiel 2023

Spiel 2023 has been held in Essen, Germany from 5-8 October.  Spiel is Germany's largest board game convention and is attended by over 100,000 people.

For Catan fans, there were some new items featured including the German version of the rebranded Starship Catan. They also had the latest Big Box set for sale with an event only 10% discount.

There were also two Catan promo cards available. I was fortunate that my friend who attended the event was able to get both of these, along with a Big Box set to keep my German base set collection up to date.

Below are a summary of my three items. Click on the image to see a larger version.

This new promo card is a fantastic tribute to the creator of Catan. I am so happy to have got a copy of this from the event. While the card will no doubt be available in the German Catan shop, one from the launch event is just a little more special. The card reads:

Klaus, Guardian of Catan

The strength points of the other player's strongest hero count as skill points as long as Klaus is displayed in your principality.

The artwork for the card is by my favourite Catan illustrator, Michael Menzel.

sternfahrer2023While this game has only just been launched, it is great to see a promo card made available to help attract people to the game. I have always been a fan of Starship so look forward to trying this updated version. I liked the original Starship so much it was one of my first sets where I collected all the language versions. The packet reads:

Starfarer The Duel

This is a special card for CATAN - Starfarer - The Duel.
Contents: 1 Gambling Planet card, 1 instruction card

bigbox2023 boxfrontAt 60 Euros this Big Box is great value. With the 10% discount, a price of 54 Euros is even better!! It is a lot of game for the money.

Catan Big Box 2023


  • Catan Base Set
  • 5-6 Player Extension
  • The Frenemies scenario
  • Iberian Peninsula map
  • Rickshaw Run map
  • Santa Scenario
  • Easter Bunny Scenario

bigbox2023 contents bigbox2023 rear

Now all I have to do is wait for these items to arrive in New Zealand. When they do get here I think I may unbox this new Big Box set and take some photos for another blog report.

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