English Travel Sets - 2008-2021

I finally have my English travel sets together on one shelf. They have been in storage until the other week as I slowly sort out my new display space. Almost a year on and still going. It is inconvenient how work keeps getting in the way.

I also have some German travel sets (2009 and 2015) but they are in the international display section.

All of these small travel sets are really great for playing in confined spaces. I admit they do have a few limitations in terms of board layout over a full base set, but they serve their purpose well. The lack of expandibility is not really an issue either as they were not meant for big games. What they do have is a set of rules for two players that uses a custom rule of forced trading to make the game a bit more fun.

  • The Settlers of Catan: Travel Edition ‐ 2003, Mayfair Games
  • Catan: Portable Edition ‐ 2008, Mayfair Games
  • Catan: Traveler – Compact Edition ‐ 2015, Mayfair Games
  • Catan: Traveler – Compact Edition ‐ 2018, Catan Studio
  • Catan: Traveler – Compact Edition ‐ 2021, Catan Studio/Asmodee

traveler2021 shelf