Landliebe's 2010 Catan Marketing Promotion

Back in 2010, Landliebe started a marketing capaign offering thousands of prizes and even a house as the main prize, using a Catan themed competition.

Landliebe are a German company who manufacture and retail dairy products. In association with Catan, the company offered people the opportunity to collect resource cards printed on Landliebe packaging and then use these cards to be eligble to enter the draw to win different prizes.

I was unaware of this competition until last year when a fellow collector from Germany sent me images of some resources he had found. The idea looked great, but there was little information to be found online. Instead I wrote a news item on this site asking for details. A few months later I was contacted by another collector to ask if I was interested in the various pieces they had. As they did not collect promotional material they offered to give me the items to help me out.

I could not accept quickly enough or thank them enough, and I am incredibly grateful to them.

Below are the items I received and have added (or am adding) to my collection database. I am really happy to have these and be their caretaker from now on. While I accept the various pieces have no monetary value, to me they are still priceless pieces of Catan's history. At some stage I think I will go through and translate the booklet, but that is a project for another day.

Click on any image to se a larger copy.


ll a5booklet spielendgewinnen f ll a5booklet spielendgewinnen inner  ll a5booklet spielendgewinnen r


These are not all the resource cards, just the ones I have so far. I believe there are at least 21 resources and I am keen to find images of the remaining ones if I can. Some resources had barcodes on the back and so I have shown these here. I do have the Kaffee, Getreide and Schokolade resources in the packaging below, but I know I am missing are Gold, and Grieb.

ll 16resources f ll 16resources r barcoded


I have four cartons from the range, but I am sure there were many more.

ll erz griebpudding f ll erz griebpudding i

I have two versions of this nex one

ll kaffee lahnepudding f ll kaffee lahnepudding i altversion copy ll kaffee lahnepudding i

ll schokolade griebpudding f ll schokolade griebpudding i

ll wolle lahnepudding f ll wolle lahnepudding i


ll resourcerewardcards f ll resourcerewardcards r ll prize kitchenaid

The competition was also referred to in Catan's promotional booklet about events to be held during 2010, the 15th anniversary of Catan.

ll 15jahrepromobooklet cover ll 15jahrepromobooklet inner23 ll 15jahrepromobooklet inner45 ll 15jahrepromobooklet inner67 ll 15jahrepromobooklet rearj

I am happy to supply higher resolution copies to anyone who would like them.

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