Not just a Malta hex... but an autographed Malta hex!!

I am very excited to be able to add a rare copy of the 2022 Malta World Championship hex to my collection. I am even more excited as the copy was signed in Malta by Klaus Teuber himself.


The Catan - Malta Scenario was created for the 13th Catan World Championship held in Maleta, Malta November 2022.

I cannot thank enough Catan for making the hex available and Hamish, the current Catan World Champion, for his kindness in getting this signed for me while busy winning in Malta. I also have to thank him for also giving me his unsigned copy too. Both are now proudly displayed in my collection.

Below are images of the front and back of the hex, along with the Scenario text.



malta2022 frontOverview

The Catan-Malta Scenario was created for the 13th Catan World Championship held in Valletta, Malta November 2022.This is compatible with Catan, Catan Seafarers, and Catan Cities & Knights, (and their 5-6 Player Extensions.)


Game Components

  • 1 Malta hex
  • 2 Number tokens (8/9, 10/11)
  • This rules tile

Setting Up The Game

Catan and Cities & Knights: Replace the desert hex with the Malta hex. Build board starting with the Malta hex on the edge of the board. Seafarers: Replace a random water tile near the center of the board.

Then place the Malta "10/11" number token on Malta with "11" side up.

You may not place a starting settlement or road within the Malta hex during set-up, but you may build on the hex's intersections and/or outer paths.

The Malta Hex

The hex has 6 routes (dotted paths) to enter the island of Malta. Malta Routes: Building a Malta route requires 1 lumber + 1 wood.

An intersection into Malta is only blocked with a settlement/city. If your road/ship connects to any Malta tile intersection, you may build on the adjacent unoccupied Malta route.

You may not build on more than one Malta route.

Seafarers: Instead of placing road pieces, place ship pieces.

Malta Sites: If you have built this route you may build a settlement in Malta. Each player may only build one settlement in Malta on one of the domes. Settlement built on interior Malta sites completely disregard the distance rule.

As Malta sites become occupied, Malta gets more prosperous. Flip or replace the Malta number token based on the number of player settlements/cities on sites:

  • 2 Players: Flip to the 10 side
  • 3 Players: Place the 8/9 disc, 9 side up
  • 4+ Players: Flip to the 8 side.

Malta Production

Only settlements/cities on Malta sites produce from Malta's number token. The settlements/cities placed on the intersections on the outside of the Malta tile do not produce.

When the number token on this hex is rolled, all settlements/cities on Malta produce pf their respective owners' choice. Settlement produce 1 resource. Cities produce 2 matching resources.

malta2022 rear