Other Catan Collections

I am really pleased to find there is a whole world of other Catan collectors out there.

Many have impressive collections feautiring items I would love to also own one day. With the permission of the collectors this page will feature pics of collections I find online or that people contact me with. If you have a Catan collection please feel free to sent a pic for this page. It does not matter how large or small the collection is - it is not about size but about the passion for the great game of Catan.

01. This first collection I found on Reddit. There are a quite a few items I did not know about so will now have to add to my wish list. Like all collections this one continues to grow and I am advised that even this image is already out of date.


02. An amazing collection that features a number of items signed by the great Klaus Teuber himself. I am looking forward to building up a full set of the German extensions at some stage when funds permit.