Other Catan Collections

I am really pleased to find there is a whole world of other Catan collectors out there.

Many have impressive collections feautiring items I would love to also own one day. With the permission of the collectors this page will feature pics of collections I find online or that people contact me with. If you have a Catan collection please feel free to sent a pic for this page. It does not matter how large or small the collection is - it is not about size but about the passion for the great game of Catan.

01. An fantastic collection that features a number of items signed by the great Klaus Teuber himself.


mexico t02. Easily one of the best collections I have seen.

This is an impressive collection featuring almost all the things needed to represent a full English collection, and even a few of the rarer foreign sets too. It also features the English Scenario Hawaii which I have still yet to get.

Even better I have got to meet the owner of this collection online and it is super cool to have someone to bounce ideas off and to share news of latest acquisitions with.

Click the image to see a larger version.