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Catan Links Worth Visiting

The official site of all things Catan and the first stop for people looking to learn more about the game. One of my favourite sites and it also has the shop so you can buy the latest bits and pieces.

Catan Studio™ develops and publishes Catan® games.

A great resource providing informtaion and history on almost all games, including many of the variations of Catan. Also huge forum and trading areas. If it is about a board game and not on this site, it is probably not worth knowing <g>.

This site is an amazing site dedicated to promoting all board games - not just Catan. They provide an excellent range of articles, reviews, tips and tricks, game rules, strategies, etc. The site also has a dedicated section to my favourite game too.

Kelv's Random Collection
Catan Scenario and Variant Guide

An outstanding resource answering just about every question possible on Catan's scenarios and variations. This is probably the most comprehensive resource of this type available online. Catan should be paying for this site to be maintained it is so well done.

Catan Cheat Sheet

A very useful little cheat sheet for newcomers to the basic game by Dave Child.

A very neat board generator for new games.