My Collection

How my collection started

How my collection started

Around 2001, friends invited my wife and I to play this game they had starting playing and loved. We walked in and they had a 3rd edition set of 'The Settlers of Catan' with the 'Cities and Knights' expansion. While I had enjoyed many games before this, in just one evening Catan had me hooked. I then went out and bought my own set with all the available expansions.

“My pride and joy is my 10th Anniversary Set. ”

In 2005 I bought my first 3D 10th Anniversary set. I still own this set and it is the standard play set my family and I use most often. When playing a larger game, using a traditional set, I enjoy adding Seafarers, especially when I play electronically. I have never been a fan of the Traders and Barbarians extension so rarely use it.

Around four years ago I had already collected a few different Catan sets, so decided I would try and collect a complete set of English language Catan. I now have over 95% of the English products and I have also started on two different Catan collections. The first goal is to collect a base set of Catan in every language it is released in. The second goal is to collect every language set for all my favourite Catan games.